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NEW - Certificate of Advanced Studies in Liquid Biopsy
The ISLB is excited to launch a new comprehensive program that can fast-track the use of LB in the clinical practice. The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) will consist of 6 online modules (alternating lectures and discussions) with an additional module dedicated to a short thesis discussion.

Module 1 is scheduled to launch on July 7, 2023.
ISLB was founded in 2017 in Granada, Spain. Our aim is to join healthcare professionals, mainly oncologists and those who adopted liquid biopsies as a new clinical tool.

We are pleased to welcome liquid biopsies professionals all over the world. We would like to be the link among stakeholders in the liquid biopsies theme.

Our education and information program is based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach to reach advanced cancer research.

We seek to remove obstacles that limit liquid biopsies implementation in the routine clinical practice, aiming to expand liquid biopsies adoption worldwide.